We’re buying a house

That title really says it all, right? I’m not exactly sure how to react. It’s everything we wanted. It has the in-law apartment. It has 3 bedrooms. It has a big yard. It has a HUGE kitchen. It has a porch in the front AND a porch in the back of the house. I was in love the moment I saw it. I’m turning one of the rooms into an exercise room.

It’s all happening so freaking fast. I’m just…PINCH ME!

If all goes as planned, our closing is in April.

I do apologize for not updating sooner. My whole world has been in so crazy.

I promise to blog more often.

The weight loss has been at a stand still, but I haven’t gained anything. So, that’s a plus. I worked out 3 times this week and I’m feeling really good about things.

We’re buying a house!!

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