Vacation is around the corner

I was up a little this week at weigh in but that’s okay. 0.4 is nothing to worry about. What to expect when you only work out once and eat crappy food Friday-Sunday?  I didn’t let it get to me, I just moved on and went with it. I’m slowly learning that the scale isn’t worth getting upset about.

I’m happy to write (I should totally be SHOUTING it from the roof tops) that I haven’t binged since I picked up Brain Over Binge on April 1st.  That’s almost 3 months if you do the math (I’m not good at math, but whatever…).  I was even able to have a cupcake on Father’s Day, which is normally a big trigger food for me and it didn’t send me over the edge. I’ll say that is some serious progress. AFTER The Before & After is the next book I want to pick up.

I have a vacation coming up next week. I have 5 days of work and one week off. I cannot wait until!! I seriously need a little down time from the job. It’s been awhile. New Orleans in December was my last vacation. I plan to get my hair cut and dyed, find a dress for my brother in laws wedding, and of course rest up and enjoy a little down time.  Working out shouldn’t be an issue at all either. No excuses to why I can’t get to the gym when I’m not working.

The house going well. We spent all day last Saturday the 15th doing yard work and I was beat. I was so sore the next day if felt like I had been at the gym all day. There are so many more weeds I need to get to. Or really, they are like vines. My Father in law came over and helped get rid of a couple tree limbs that we had to get rid of. Hopefully next weekend he can help get rid of a couple trees.

That’s about it for now. I am leaving in a bit to go pick up the husband. He went camping with some friends and I have missed him so much!! I had a girls night with my Mom on Friday and we had pedicures. I had my eyebrows done, too. I had a little reaction to the wax, so I don’t know if I’ll do that again, but I love how my feet look. I need to get them done again before the wedding and my manicure, too.  I can’t wait to cut my hair and cover the greys! It’s getting so bad.

Before I forget, I got carded a couple weeks ago. No joke. The girl looked at me, looked at my license and back at me again before telling me I looked really good for my age. Totally made my day. Even with greys coming in, I guess I look young.



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  1. When the house is your own, the list of stuff to do there never ends. Weeds, vines, tree limbs, when they are all gone the inside will need repairs. it’s frustrating. Have fun on the vacation!

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