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Keeping track

So last week (or around that time) Brooke (of Brooke: Not On A Diet) posted that she was starting up a challenge about getting back to basics. Basics of tracking and weight loss and all that. She had a facebook group and so I joined.

And for the first time in probably FOREVER I tracked everything I ate. I counted all my points and didn’t go over once. I worked out 3 times and didn’t even cheat. That alone was a big deal for me. I had hoped to lose a decent amount, but it was 0.8 pounds. Of course at first I got mad. I was really angry.

But I thought about it and realized it didn’t really matter. The fact was that I didn’t even WANT to cheat. I was sick and tired of eating junk food. I was sick and tired of, in fact, feeling sick and tired. So it was 0.8 pounds. Great. That’s a start. I’m going to continue and move on and maybe next week it will be a bigger loss.

Friday nights and Sunday nights have been really tough for me. But I made it through them. Last night I didn’t even WANT to eat pizza or ice cream. I actually got Arctic Zero at Whole Foods and that was amazing. No, it wasn’t Ben and Jerry’s but I didn’t need that. I would rather have something that is 150 calories over something that is 1200 calories. And I didn’t have to worry about it the next day.

Plus? I think TOM is around the corner. She’s always a bitch.