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Time to get back on the wagon

My Mom will most likely be here in two weeks. She is leaving Arizona on April 30th (the 29th if she can push it up a day) and I have yet to get the in-law apartment cleaned up. It needs a good carpet cleaning and dusting for sure.  The husband leaves for Texas on May 3rd (I’m not going this time around) and I’ll be alone when my Mom arrives, so I want to make everything looks great.

So far my favorite thing to do when I get home and have the house to myself is do a little cleaning. We’ve only “officially” been here for 5 days, but I like the fact that I’m not sitting in front of the tv and laptop like I was in the apartment. And as soon as we can, we’re going to start getting the yard cleaned up. It’s full of sticks and needs a good healthy clean up. Probably not until the middle of May and once the husband comes back from his work trip.

May 14th the husband and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary together so that is a big deal. We started dating on May 14th, 1993. We’re old.

I’m ready to jump back into the whole losing weight thing now that we’ve moved and are trying to settle in. I haven’t gained anything. The scale is still packed, but it’s time to get serious again. I have the counter space and the room to start preparing my meals again. So bring it.

I haven’t run since Sunday, so I am going to try and hit the gym tomorrow morning. Cross your fingers for me. I need to get some weight lifting in.

I’m also addicted to the new show “Hannibal”. It’s so freaky.

What new show do you love this season?

Last work out?