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Packing it all up

Ran 3.5 miles today. I was going to do some weights after, but I found that I only have 8, 10, and 15 pound weights. They are a little too heavy for me right now. I need to pick up some 5 or 6 pound weights sometime this weekend. The Bowflex is out of commission until we move into the house.

I am not a fan of packing. If I could, I would pay someone to pack up all my stuff. I don’t like it. I understand that it’s worth it and we’re moving int our house (OUR HOUSE!) but it’s so time consuming. I found some cute pictures of the husband and I from 2002-2004. I was super skinny lean in some of them. I do miss those days, but right now I’m just learning to love myself and take care of myself the right way.

I’ve divorced my scale.  I’m not letting it rule my world anymore and I feel so free because of it. When we move into the house I’m going to put into a closest and leave it there. I’m going to go on how my clothes fit and how I feel. That’s that.

Do you have a scale? Do you weigh yourself?

When was the last time you moved?

Hope on over to visit Stuft Mama. She’s giving away some Buffalo Jerky. Don’t worry, I’m going to win it, but you can try and win, too.