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Dinner is served

Our kitchen table was delivered to the house today. I’m so excited. It looks so amazing.

20015956_BransonIIPubBlackandCherry_Table6Chairs1.jpgI can’t wait be able to have people over and use it. We were also able to show the in-laws the house for the first time. They seemed to really like it and were really impressed with all the land we have. I also cannot wait to get to working on our yard. It’s a mess. I was pulling leaves out of the flower bed. We have daffodils trying to come up.

The neighbors across the street (the ones with chickens) have two cute dogs and one is bark-less. He’s so sweet just sitting there with nothing coming out of his mouth. He tries though.

I ran 3 miles this morning. We attempted to do some packing and cleaning. I’m beat. We have time, but I don’t want to be rushing around. I have so many books. So.Many.Books. I could open a library. I’m trying to get rid of some on Paperback swap but so far only one is wanted.

I bought bread for the first time in a long tonight. I have issues with bread but I felt I could handle it. I wanted grilled cheese for dinner and of course, bread is needed. I’m hoping I don’t inhale the rest of it tonight.  This not binging thing is going really well.

I wanted to recommend this post by Cely over at Running off the Reese’s. It’s pretty awesome.

What did you do today?

Is there a food you can’t trust yourself around?