Snow filled Saturday

I can’t believe I’m updating again. Whoa!!!giphy

I have managed to make it pretty much through January. It’s been tough. Work has been super busy. The weather has been cold. But, just like Eleven says, I survived.

I weighed in at 185 today. Total of 102 pounds gone. That is the same as last week, but I’ll take it. It could be worse. It’s slowly coming off. But, it’s coming off.

Nascar season is coming. I am so excited. Just about a month to go. Last year was so good. Maybe we (and when I saw we, I mean the 31 team) can win the Championship. We came so close last year.

Today I am enjoying the face that we’re snowed in. I did 2 miles at home on the treadmill and now I’m having coffee and oatmeal. Hope to catch up on some movies I have been wanting to watch. It’s good when it snows. Sometimes.


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