Oh, hi!!!!!

I am, in fact, still alive. And I do, post all the time on twitter. I just haven’t felt like I have all that much to blog about.

Still doing weight watchers. I’ve lost 18 pounds since I went back. Frustrating? Yes. Very. However, we had a sub leader today (and I have to say I really fell in love with her) and she really inspired me. So, I’m keeping on.

I’m under 200 pounds again. So there is that.

And, all my clothes are too big. I’m not yet into a smaller size, so everything looks like a giant moo-moo. But, we’re working on it.

Work is freakishly busy and there are days I want to bash my skull in. But, I have a job. And I got a bonus. So. Go me.

I’m going on vacation in August to visit my very best friend.

I’m going to be an Aunt again for the first time in a very long time. I’m overjoyed. Really.

Life is pretty good actually.

I don’t get soccer. At all.

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