It’s been real fun

Like I said on twitter yesterday. It’s been fun. It’s been real. And it’s been real fun. But it’s time to get a grip on my eating.

I’ve enjoyed my ice cream sundae eating and my muffins and my cheeseburgers and my french fries and my waffles and my pancakes and everything else. But, the number on the scale (and yes, I know it isn’t the most important thing) that I say yesterday scaled the shit out of me.

Today I started counting my little points again. I had planned on working out, but hell that didn’t happen. I took my allergy medication too late and couldn’t get up at 5am. And it’s way too hot to run at 5:30pm when I get home (it’s 98 degrees right now).

But I’m happy that I enjoyed the past few months eating what I wanted and I’m moving on from that.

I could have started earlier or sooner, but life happens. And I wasn’t ready. So there. My clothes that I’ve been wearing (not the size 12 I was last summer or the 8/10 I was in 2011) all summer still fit, but if I keep it up, they won’t. And I’m not heading back in THAT direction again.

So there you have it. Time to get back in gear my friends.

Good LORD it’s hot.

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