Home sweet home

Saturday was moving day. By 10pm Saturday night the husband and I were passed out on the bed exhausted. But, we’re here!! It’s so quiet in the house. No one stomping above us or slamming of doors below us.  It’s pretty awesome.

I brought the cats over the morning of the move. Both Molly and Bradley have adjusted pretty quickly. Cynnamon not so much. She is sulking in the master bedroom and freaks if you try to bring her out. I brought food in there for her because  I haven’t seen her eat.

Here is Bradley (from my Instagram) this evening when I got home from work tonight:

931241_10151377875931444_313200139_nI think he was watching  the dogs across the street.

We still have to unpack and get things straightened out, but we’re here!

I’m finished reading Brain Over Binge. What an amazing book! And such an eyeopener.  And I haven’t binged in 22 days. I’m so happy and proud of myself.

What did you do this weekend?

Have you ever moved? Do your pets handle it okay?


One thought on “Home sweet home”

  1. moving sucks! It’s a pain and I hate it, the only thing that may be worse is staying where you are sometimes. And now you get to learn new running routes! It may take a while to get really settled, but you’re going to love it when you get everything nested down. congrats!

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