Not too shabby

Hey, so after 5 days of counting my points, I went down 5.4 pounds. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. I even survived a Birthday party at work yesterday. With this mammoth cake.

2013-07-18 12.21.12Inside that cake is the most amazing fruit you’ve ever tasted. Trust me. I’ve eaten it. But not yesterday. I did eat some Chipolte though. Man, I love Chipolte.

2013-07-18 12.23.54I don’t know how they knew I loved cats. It’s strange. Everyone had a little face on their container and I was the only one who had a cat.

Wednesday night I was on the treadmill and it hit me. It really hit me. I hate working out at night. No, I do. I just hate it. It’s not my idea of a good time. And since it’s been so freaking hot here, I just hate it more.

This morning I was up at 5 a.m. and in working out by 5:30. I was not going to be hating today.

Do you like to work out at night or in the morning?

Do you like cake?

It’s been real fun

Like I said on twitter yesterday. It’s been fun. It’s been real. And it’s been real fun. But it’s time to get a grip on my eating.

I’ve enjoyed my ice cream sundae eating and my muffins and my cheeseburgers and my french fries and my waffles and my pancakes and everything else. But, the number on the scale (and yes, I know it isn’t the most important thing) that I say yesterday scaled the shit out of me.

Today I started counting my little points again. I had planned on working out, but hell that didn’t happen. I took my allergy medication too late and couldn’t get up at 5am. And it’s way too hot to run at 5:30pm when I get home (it’s 98 degrees right now).

But I’m happy that I enjoyed the past few months eating what I wanted and I’m moving on from that.

I could have started earlier or sooner, but life happens. And I wasn’t ready. So there. My clothes that I’ve been wearing (not the size 12 I was last summer or the 8/10 I was in 2011) all summer still fit, but if I keep it up, they won’t. And I’m not heading back in THAT direction again.

So there you have it. Time to get back in gear my friends.

Good LORD it’s hot.

Working on me

I am starting to have a healthy relationship with food. I don’t think I’ve ever really had one before. I’ve always wanted to be one of those people that can buy a package of muffins, eat just one and put the rest a way for later.

I started noticing when I began having bread in the house again that I can eat one roll and I’m good. I can have it sitting on the counter for DAYS and not touch the remaining seven. I haven’t had that in so long. I can could binge on anything if I let myself.

This past week I let myself eat when I was hungry and what I wanted. I didn’t go crazy and stuff my face with candy or ice cream (although we have some in the freezer).  Friday I had the most amazing salad for lunch. I’ve been eating a lot of protein and fruit. Mass amounts of fruit. It’s like candy to me I think.

This morning I worked out (35 minutes of cardio and 39 minutes of weights) and proudly enjoyed a nice red velvet muffin for breakfast.  That’s it. Just one. The rest of the package is sitting on the counter. And I didn’t even WANT to have another one.

I’m not saying I’m “cured” of my food issues and I’m not saying there won’t be days I won’t eat two muffins, but for me this is a HUGE deal and a giant stepping stone.

Don’t think that I don’t want to lose weight, but right now I’m just working on me.


We’re not in Kansas anymore

We had a tornado hit Connecticut on Wednesday. A tornado. In Connecticut. Pretty crazy, right? I was sitting around waiting for the flying monkey’s and the munchkins to show up, but no such luck. We thought it hit our street, but it turned out to be a “micro burst”, whatever that might be. It knocked down trees and closed my road. That was no joke. The tornado actually went through the backyard of some friends of ours. Luckily they are okay and only lost a few trees.

Something strange has come over me the past couple of nights. I’ve worked out after work. I know, right? I got home Thursday hit the treadmill for 30 minutes and weights after. Same with last night. I don’t even know who I am anymore. This morning I just did 70 minutes of cardio because my arms are sore from my weights.

My big weekend plans are to get curtains for the bedroom. Right now when the sun starts to come up it comes right into the room and wakes up. We start thinking its 10am and we’re late to work. It’s really 6am and we’re not late. And that is just not okay. When you get up before your alarm…not what either of us enjoy.

Do you get tornadoes where you live?

Your weekend plans?


Vacation from my vacation

I finally sucked it up and stepped on the scale this morning. After a week of being sick and not counting points, I stayed the same. Oh sure, I didn’t eat much so I’m sure that helped, but I’ll take it.

I got my appetite back today for sure. It was the first time I was STARVING when I woke up. That is pretty normal for me. I try not to eat past 8pm.

I’ve been sleeping pretty shitty for the past couple of nights and haven’t been able to workout because of it. All due to PMS. I plan to go to bed early tonight and get up for a good, HARD workout. I need it, too.

Going back to work after a week off was really hard. I wasn’t ready at all. I could use a vacation to recover from my vacation.

I’m already looking forward to the weekend. Sad, right?