I haven’t been very good at updating lately have I?

It’s been a tough year for us. We lost two of our cats. Our Siamese, Molly, started suffering from kidney failure in January and we lost her on March 10th. That was very hard for me. She was 17 (she would have been 18 in August) but still looked very young.

MollyI guess I was in serious denial about her age. It was so hard for me. It still is. I miss her sleeping with me at night and coming home to her from work. She was my little angel.

Our oldest cat, Cynnamon, was diagnosed with cancer just last Saturday and we lost her on May 25th, two days later. She was a Daddy’s girl for sure. She loved my husband so very much. The feeling was mutual of course. Not that she didn’t love me, but she was his cat.


Sorry to be a downer after not updating for so long.

The reason for my updating is, of course, my weight loss. I’ve kind of been at a plateau for awhile. I need to get out of that. I need to update more.  As of yesterday I’m 186, so that isn’t bad. I can’t seem to get under 184. So frustrating. I’m making the commitment to update every day in June.  My weight loss, too. I know it could be worse. I could have gained the weight back I’ve lost over the past year and a half. I have 30 pounds I want to lose. I know I can do it !!!!

Snow filled Saturday

I can’t believe I’m updating again. Whoa!!!giphy

I have managed to make it pretty much through January. It’s been tough. Work has been super busy. The weather has been cold. But, just like Eleven says, I survived.

I weighed in at 185 today. Total of 102 pounds gone. That is the same as last week, but I’ll take it. It could be worse. It’s slowly coming off. But, it’s coming off.

Nascar season is coming. I am so excited. Just about a month to go. Last year was so good. Maybe we (and when I saw we, I mean the 31 team) can win the Championship. We came so close last year.

Today I am enjoying the face that we’re snowed in. I did 2 miles at home on the treadmill and now I’m having coffee and oatmeal. Hope to catch up on some movies I have been wanting to watch. It’s good when it snows. Sometimes.


Happy 2015

I really have been the worst when it comes to updating.

I can’t believe it’s 2015 already!!

On the weight loss front, I hate 100 pounds gone again. Of course with the holidays, I gained a little, but I’m still doing pretty good. I’m pretty happy with my progress and hope to make my goal with weight watchers this year. I have about 36 pounds to go.

My brother in law and his wife had a baby boy on the 28th. So I’m an Auntie again. He is the cutest little noodle! I am going to spoil him rotten.

Work is super busy.All.The.Time.

I hope to update more. I’m so bad about it.

I keep meaning to update

So, yet again I’ve sort of let blogging disappear. I want to be a better blogger, but I just feel like I don’t have that much to talk about.

Things are going well with Weight Watchers. As of last week I’m down 22.2 pounds since rejoining in January and 93 pounds all together. I’m getting close to 100 pounds gone again. It’s coming off slow, but it’s coming off. Of course I wish it would come off faster, but I’m happy. All my clothes are starting to get super baggy and I’m pulling clothes out of the closet I haven’t worn in a couple of years. I don’t plan on gaining weight again. This will be the last time. I’m not going to do this again.

I’m on a little mini vacation from work. I took Thursday, Friday and this coming Monday off. I need it. I’m burnt out. It’s nice to have some time off.

The house is good. I love being a home owner. We had a little issue with the water heater, but the hubby was able to fix that last weekend.

Our cat Cynnamon turned 18 last Friday. That was about as exciting as my life is at the moment.

384703_10150966945931444_827038166_nSassy old lady.

Oh, hi!!!!!

I am, in fact, still alive. And I do, post all the time on twitter. I just haven’t felt like I have all that much to blog about.

Still doing weight watchers. I’ve lost 18 pounds since I went back. Frustrating? Yes. Very. However, we had a sub leader today (and I have to say I really fell in love with her) and she really inspired me. So, I’m keeping on.

I’m under 200 pounds again. So there is that.

And, all my clothes are too big. I’m not yet into a smaller size, so everything looks like a giant moo-moo. But, we’re working on it.

Work is freakishly busy and there are days I want to bash my skull in. But, I have a job. And I got a bonus. So. Go me.

I’m going on vacation in August to visit my very best friend.

I’m going to be an Aunt again for the first time in a very long time. I’m overjoyed. Really.

Life is pretty good actually.

I don’t get soccer. At all.

I run. I enjoy coffee. I try to lose weight. I take too many pictures of my cats.